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John Mercury

John Mercury has been a Realtor for more than 25 years. John will make sure that you find the property you love and the price that you want for your next property.

There is nothing better than actual experience. You can do all the 'book learning' you want, but until you practice your craft in the real world your skills won't likely fully develop. You see, John has served as a major franchise office manager for over 20 years. He has literally seen thousands of transactions and their problems come across his desk. John's problem resolution skills, as they relate to a Real Estate transaction, are more finely tuned than you are ever likely to encounter with most other active Realtors. His skills are finely tuned and he applies them to dealing with today’s market and its unique challenges. When you speak to John’s clients, however, what you'll hear isn't necessarily about his experience. Oh sure, you'll hear about his negotiating prowess, contract knowledge and strong marketing skills, but what stands out for most is how much he cares. You'll hear about his integrity, straight talk, how he stands behind what he says and how often he communicates what is really going on behind the scenes. It's a return to the kind of customer service and concern for the clients' needs that seem to be so rarely evident any more. He does, as a normal course of his business, what he would like to have done for him if he were the client. You simply can't find a better match of skill sets in Real Estate sales in Orange County than what John brings to a transaction. So, when only the best will do for you and your property purchase or sale, you owe it to yourself to see first hand what he can do for you. Expect excellence, because John will deliver nothing short of that. “Simply the Best Real Estate has to Offer”